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At Expressive Movements Dance Studio, Northern Lehigh Valley, PA, we emphasize having fun while we learn the art of creative expression! Our students will experience the wealth of knowledge & information that I have gathered over my many years of dancing, teaching & competing in this very expressive field of movements. It will not only be a learning OR your child will be able to have fun, while finding your own unique style of Expressive Movements. Our program is designed to inspire & encourage a lifelong enjoyment of dance. While exploring the world of dance, our classes will engage students through an entertaining curriculum, working on technique, flexibility, strength training, balance, motor skills, rhythm & timing. All classes will be structured similarly beginning with a warm-up & stretch section, followed by across the floor exercises & then building on combinations using the basic steps which will develop in difficulty as the dancer progresses through the levels.

*Private/Semi-Private/Trio lessons in any of these styles, also available upon request*
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Class Descriptions Below

Combination Classes

Jazz/Tap Combo Tap/Ballet Combo Ballet/Jazz Combo

Group Jazz Class

The study of rhythmic arrangements, isolations, jumps & turns while applying a high level of energy to this technique. This exhilarating form of dance will incorporate the infamous “jazz hands”.

Group Tap Class

The exploration of syncopated patterns & musicality. This exciting form of dance will work on a variety of steps & rhythms.

Group Ballet Class

The foundation of all performance dance styles. This classical form of dance will include barre, center & across the floor strength technique. (Pointe is offered only by teacher discretion & recommendation.)

Group Lyrical Class

The knowledge of a song’s lyrics & the ability to convey fluid movements to express the meaning. This thought-provoking form of dance combines ballet & jazz styles.

Group Contemporary Class

The versatility of several dance styles (primarily ballet & modern) which allows the dancer to connect both mind & body through an artistic & grounded performance. This captivating form of dance allows the dancer to move freely with less use of the structured ballet technique.

Group Hip-Hop Class

The fun & continuously evolving urban street style. This fascinating form of dance will promote strong muscle coordination while applying breaking, locking, & popping technique

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